Rooftops are important parts of homes and require quality roofing companies to install, maintain, and repair them. According to Home Light, the average residential rooftop in the United States is 1,700 square feet. No matter what size your roof might be, you’ll need a quality roofing contractor to keep it in its best shape. Here’s what you should look for in quality roofing companies.


Owned and Operated Locally


You should try to find roofing companies that are part of your local community and have been in business for many years. The longer a roofing company has been in business, the more likely it has done good work that enables it to continue providing roofing services for customers. The owners and roofers will have good knowledge of the local climate and the various factors that affect local rooftops. An experienced local contractor can help recommend the best roofing materials for your home and source them locally when possible.


Does Quality Business


You don’t want an unlicensed roofing contractor to install or otherwise work on your roof. Using an unlicensed roofer is taking a big chance on something going wrong or possibly paying for work that doesn’t get done or materials that never arrive. Licensed roofing companies have met the state’s requirements to be professional roofing contractors. Unfortunately, many states don’t require licensing for companies that provide customers with roofing services, but all of them offer licenses for those who meet the state’s standards. It’s always best to go with a licensed roofing contractor.


Is Bonded and Insured


Quality roofing companies will protect your home, furnishings, and belongings against potential catastrophe if something unfortunate happens while working on your roof. An experienced and efficient roofing service is unlikely to damage or destroy your home while working on your roof, but accidents still happen. Some roofing materials can be flammable and some of the equipment used to lift bales into place might accidentally damage part of your home. A quality roofing company should be bonded to help protect you against financial loss if your home is partly damaged during the process. The roofer also should have liability insurance that helps protect you and the roofing company against liability for worker injuries and other potential mishaps.


Has Experience With Similar Roof Installations


If you’re paying a roofing company to install an asphalt roof, you’ll have no problem finding several with lots of experience working with asphalt shingles. Other types of roofing materials might require a longer search to find the best contractors to do the work. Wood, tile, and slate shingles might make it more difficult to find quality roofing companies with experience installing them. You also might be interested in tile shingles, metal roofing, or another material that might be less commonly used where you live. You should make sure the roofer has lots of experience with the roofing material that you prefer to get the best results.


Has References and Work Samples


The best local roofers should have plenty of prior work and happy customers who can help affirm the quality of the work done. Those customers might leave good references online, including Google and Yelp reviews. The roofer also should have photographic or video evidence of prior jobs that represent their best work that you can review.


Provides a Warranty


The best roofing services provide customers with a satisfaction guarantee that ensures the work won’t end until you are satisfied with it. If you notice something that you want changed, the roofer will agree to make any reasonable changes to ensure your satisfaction. The roofing company also should use materials that come with a warranty that ensures they will be replaced if they don’t work as intended. The warranty can help fix any problems that might arise so that you get the best possible roof for your money and a good return on your investment.


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