Are you thinking of selling your home, but you want to make sure that it’s in the best possible condition before you get that listing on the housing market? There are a lot of different projects that can help boost the value of your home, but a new roof is one of the most significant choices. Here’s why it pays to get your roof in better shape before you sell.


You Could Lose Out on Potential Sales


When potential buyers see your roof in a state of disrepair, they aren’t going to want to pay your asking price. According to Realty Times, if the damage to the roof is bad enough, they’re likely to walk away entirely. If you don’t want to risk that happening, it’s best to look into repairs and replacements beforehand. The roof is imperative to the structure and security of the property, after all. If it doesn’t look safe, it won’t feel like a worthy investment.


You Can Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Property


People have a habit of forming opinions within seconds of seeing something for the first time. Do you want them to pull up in front of your place or look at online listings and see a roof that’s in terrible shape, or one that looks like new or even is new? The supposed “curb appeal” factor is a very real thing, and you’ll want potential buyers to be immediately impressed with your place if you want to make a sale. That means having a roofing company come take a look to determine if you need repairs or a new roof.


Your Roof May Be Too Old to Rely On


Like everything else, roofs have lifespans that eventually reach their ends. In our experience, a typical roof can last around 25 years before needing to be replaced. Of course, that depends largely on upkeep quality and the climate conditions found where you live. That said, if your roof is more than 15 years old, you should at least have someone from a roofing company come take a look now and then to make sure it isn’t decaying or letting water into your home. When it comes time to sell, your potential buyer will also likely have someone inspect the roof for issues. An older roof can make your place depreciate in value, so if you’re aiming for maximum returns, upgrade your roof to a system that’s still under warranty.


You Can Improve Your Home Safety


Whether you succeed in selling or not, safety should be a big concern. If you’ve neglected your roof for a while and shingles have blown off, that can mean that water has gotten inside your attic, which can lead to other issues. You don’t want any mold or water damage in your place, both for the sake of your own health and the sake of your property value. Mold growth may leave you on the hook for other costly repairs in the home if it’s left to grow long enough. If you’re proactive with your roofing maintenance and replacements, then you won’t find yourself in this situation.


Your Inspection Will Almost Certainly Go Much Better


Chances are, your buyers won’t settle for an inspection-free purchase. If it turns out that the buyer is using something like an FHA or VA loan, that’s going to translate to a rather in-depth inspection of the place. If your roof is in a state of disrepair, then that could scuttle the purchase, since the buyer wouldn’t be able to get the loan to buy the property. This would make a roof repair or replacement a necessity if you want to succeed in your sale.


Other Considerations


The main thing you need to be concerned with is your own budget. Even if you know that you might get more money in a sale if you do the replacement, you could find yourself not having enough funds to do it beforehand. In that case, it’s still certainly worth doing a repair job if it’s feasible. Having a contractor fix some problem areas is better than leaving it as-is. You could always see about getting a loan to do the work, but that’s dependent on your credit history. If you’re unsure what would be best for your situation, reach out to your local roofing company for advice.


There’s also the possibility that your insurance could pay for a repair or replacement if your roof was badly damaged during a storm. The amount that they’ll be willing to pay is going to depend on a few factors, especially the age of the roof. If you’ve just recently had the roof installed, however, they’re likely to shell out a lot more money over one that’s been through its share of weather and climate conditions. It could very well be worth contacting your insurance company for assistance.


Questions to Keep in Mind


What does your ideal sale timeline look like? Are you looking to move the place quickly or is this more of a “fix it as you go” kind of situation to prepare for a sale in the not-too-distant future? If you’re on a time crunch, then you might have to try to sell as-is and lose some money in the sale price. If you have more time, then you can do a more thorough job of making your property enticing.


You also need to consider external variables, like the state of the housing market. Are more people out there buying property at high prices, or even doing the purchase sight unseen? In that case, outward appearance may matter the most. If things are looking more like the buyers are being extra picky with the types of houses that they buy, then you want to make things as appealing for them as possible. That can mean spending a little extra on a roof repair or replacement to improve your returns.


Replacements before selling your home can be a controversial topic, as some think you should only do it if the roof is close to caving in, and leave more minor work for the next person to take care of. However, most buyers can perceive these future fixer-upper projects, and a lot of them just don’t want the trouble. You don’t want to have the house on the market for too long, and you definitely don’t want to be re-listing it again if one sale falls through due to the roof not being in the shape that it should be in.


As you might imagine, salesmanship is all about making the best impression on buyers. Do you want them to come see a place that looks like it was last repaired before the year 2000, or would you rather have them see a modern place that’ll fit in perfectly with the rest of the neighborhood? If you choose the second option, chances are good that you’ll walk away with a lot more money than if you left things as they are.


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