Your roof is one of the largest surfaces on your home’s exterior. According to Progressive, your roof makes up approximately 40% of your home’s visual exterior. As such, it can impact the overall look of your home. If your roof is damaged, you want to ensure that you have the damage repaired by a professional roofing contractor. This helps your roof look its best, which can affect the curb appeal and value of your home. Additionally, roof damage can affect the function of your home, leading to problems such as leaks or mold growth. One of the things that can be extremely damaging to asphalt shingles is hail. Here are a few of the different ways that hail can damage asphalt shingles.

Causing Dings or Dents in Your Shingles

Some of the ways that asphalt shingles can be affected by hail is through what are known as bruises. When hail hits an asphalt shingle, it may leave behind a ding or a dent, effectively bruising the surface of the shingle. This can be problematic because water can start to sit in these small grooves or pits. This can cause excess wear on a shingle, shortening the lifespan of a shingle. It can also lead to other issues, including roof leaks. Lastly, large dings or dents in your shingles may be visible on your roof, deterring the overall look of your asphalt shingle roof.

Damaging the Granules on Your Shingles

Another way that hail can cause damage to your asphalt shingles is by damaging the granules on your shingles. The impact of hail hitting the shingle can loosen the granules. When this happens, you may find asphalt granules in your gutter system or around the base of your home if you do not have a gutter system. The asphalt granules on a shingle help to insulate your home, help to waterproof the shingle, and help to reflect the sun’s ultraviolet rays. If the granules are falling off a shingle, a roofing contractor needs to replace the damaged shingles.

Cracking Asphalt Shingles

The third way that hail can damage your asphalt shingles is by cracking them. The impact of hail can crack your asphalt shingles. This can affect the look of the shingle, as well as the function of the shingle. If a shingle is cracked, water can seep through the shingle. This can eventually lead to water damage on your roof. If the cracked shingle is left in place for a prolonged period of time, a leak in your roof can even start to develop.

Creating Holes in Your Shingles

As hail hits your shingle, it can leave behind a pit or dent. However, if the hail is large in size or hits the shingle with a great deal of force, it may actually leave a hole behind in your shingle. As is the case with cracks, a hole in a shingle allows water to seep through the hole, causing water damage to your inner roofing materials. This can also lead to a roof leak down the road. Additionally, holes in your shingles can affect the aesthetic of your roof, making your roof look uncared for.

Dislodging Shingles

The final type of damage that asphalt shingles can suffer from hail is dislodged shingles. The impact of hail hitting a shingle can knock it loose. Then, on a windy day, the shingle can blow off your roof. This leaves a portion of your roof exposed to the elements. If you notice that any of your shingles are dislodged or missing, a roofing contractor should be called in to replace the dislodged or missing asphalt shingles.

There are many elements that can be damaging to an asphalt shingle roof. However, one of the elements that is the most damaging to a shingle roof is hail. Hail can leave dings or dents in your shingles, damage the granules on your shingles, crack your shingles, create holes in your shingles, or dislodge your shingles, which can cause them to fall off. In some cases, you may be able to see shingle damage from the ground following a hail storm. In other cases, you may need to call in a roofing contractor to examine your roof and determine if the storm caused damage to your roof. If you are looking to hire knowledgeable roofing contractors to inspect or repair your asphalt shingle roofs after a hail storm, our team can help. Schedule an appointment at All Star Contractor LLC with us today.