Being a homeowner means you’ll often have to deal with lots of upkeep, especially when it comes to your roof. At some point, especially if your roof is not working as effectively as it once did, it may be time to consider hiring professionals to replace your roof. Before residential roofing services show up to start the project, there are some things that you should plan out on your end. While the professionals know what they’re doing, you can do some things to make the roof replacement process easier for everyone in the home as well as for the roofing services professionals. Here are nine tips to help you prepare for your roof replacement.

1. Check Your Budget

Before you hire a roofing service for such a big job, check that you can cover the payment. Many roofing services offer free quotes so their customers can understand the cost of the work before signing a contract. However, it’s important to understand that unexpected costs may arise during the process that can increase the price of the work. To prepare for your roof replacement, be sure to budget for the price of the replacement and have an additional amount saved to help cover the costs of any unforeseen issues. According to Home Light, the average residential roof size in the US is about 1,700 square feet. If your roof is larger than this, expect that the company you hire may charge more.

Additionally, take the time to review the company’s website. Some companies may offer financing options for homeowners, work with insurance companies, and may offer discounts to certain customers. Understanding how your roofing company can help you cover the cost of replacement can allow you to get the roof replacement your home needs without breaking the bank.

2. Check the Company’s Verifications

Reviewing a roofing company’s website can allow you to understand whether they’re the right company to handle the work. Take the time to review if the company has any verifications from trusted companies, such as a seal from HomeAdvisor indicating the company has been screened and approved or an Owen’s Corning Preferred Contractor seal. These indicate that the company is professional, experienced, and will work efficiently to complete the task. Companies without these may not be experienced enough to handle your home’s roof replacement. Call local roofing companies to learn more about their accreditations and verifications to guarantee you find one that’s right for your home’s needs.

3. Review the Company’s Service Locations

If you live in a small town or community, you may not have a roofing service provider within your town who can tackle your roof replacement. Look at contractors in nearby towns or cities who have experience handling residential roofing projects. A company’s website may provide a list of locations in which the company can provide its services. Calling the roofing company can help you confirm you’re in their service range and can allow you to begin the process with them.

4. Read Online Reviews

Before you sign a contract with a roofing company, take the time to read online reviews of their services. Online reviews can provide valuable insights into the level of professionalism of a company, how effectively they communicate with their customers and the quality of their services. Many companies will feature reviews right on their website, however, it’s important to take the time to look for additional reviews from other trusted sites to ensure you’re picking a company that’s well-trusted within your community. It’s also wise to take the time to review the gallery of their past jobs. This allows you a closer look at the process and the results they’re able to achieve.

5. Deal With Children and Pets

If you have young children and pets in the home, keep them as calm and safe as possible during this time. Keep the kids somewhere in a room where they will be out of harm’s way, or have someone take them away from the home while the contractors are working. To avoid any trauma or danger to your pets, you may also want to put them someplace safe and as far away from the noise of the work zone as possible. Talk to your roofing contractor to understand their timeframe for working on your home so you can have a space prepared for your animals.

6. Review the Options

When you have your roof replaced, it may be beneficial to review the new roofing options available with your local roofing company. Different materials come with many different benefits and can even be more cost-effective for your roof replacement. Be sure to talk with your roofer to learn more about the options they offer homeowners to choose the one that’s right for your property. Many roofing companies also offer additional services to residential property owners, such as assistance addressing storm damage and chimney services. Learning what services your contractor offers can allow you to have multiple home projects completed simultaneously and help you address issues.

7. Alert Neighbors

A roof replacement will more than likely make a lot of noise. The best thing you can do is to alert your neighbors about the heavy construction going on at your home to replace your roof. Warning your neighbors about heavy construction on your house is not only a nice thing to do, but it’s also a way to keep them safe. If you’re part of any HOA association, you can easily alert your neighbors during your neighborhood meeting or on the neighboring list serve. Get a timeframe from your roofing company so you can keep your neighbors in the loop about the process.

8. Move Items Away From Worksite

A roof replacement involves a lot of moving parts and the roofing contractors need enough clean space to move. Anything too close in radius to the work area should be removed. You should remove backyard furniture on a patio close to the house, cars, grills, children’s toys, and anything that can impede the work or be damaged. Taking this step can help your roofing contractors have peace of mind as they perform the replacement. If any items cannot be moved, be sure to make your contractors aware of them.

9. Organize Your Attic

Since your attic is the space that’s closest to the roof, it’s vulnerable to falling dust or debris that may come in during the work. Get a few sheets, blankets, or other coverings to go over everything. If you have anything extra important up there, you may want to bring it down into the main house. Talk to your roofing company to learn which side of the roof they intend to start the process. In addition, check to make sure the company you are working with is properly licensed and insured, as this can help to guarantee any items that may be damaged during the process can be replaced if needed.

If your roof has had several repairs or hasn’t been replaced in decades, a roof replacement may be necessary. While your residential roofing services will know how to handle their job, you must do what you can as a homeowner to ensure everything goes to plan. The above tips can help your roof replacement go as smoothly as possible. If the time has come for a roof replacement, you want the best people available to do the job. Contact All Star Contractor LLC’s team today for more information, to request a quote, or to get started with our services.