Are you need a new roof? Whether you’re fixing leaks or you want to update the look of your roof, you’ll need to decide on what type of shingles to use. While there are many types of shingles, asphalt ones are probably the most well-known. Let’s look at a few reasons why asphalt shingles are a great choice for just about any home.

1. Style

As a homeowner, you’re probably concerned about the look of your home. According to Progressive, your roof makes up about 40% of your home’s visible exterior, so the type of shingles you use can affect curb appeal significantly. Luckily, asphalt shingles can work with almost any home. If your roof doesn’t match the rest of your house, new shingles can improve the look of your house.

Asphalt shingles come in a wide variety of colors and textures. Most homes use brown or black shingles, but you can also get them in more vibrant colors like red and green. Even within a family of colors, there are plenty of options to choose from. You can use shingles that are all the same shade, or you can choose slightly different shingles to create an interesting pattern. If you’re not sure which color is best for your home’s style and color, a qualified roofing service can help you decide.

2. Installation

Even though you’re not installing the roof yourself, the easy installation process for asphalt shingles will make your life much easier. Thanks to the quick installation process you can expect the residential roofing team to finish the job quickly, allowing you to enjoy your new roof without a long wait.

Why is asphalt shingle installation easier? The main reason is that these shingles are much lighter than other materials like slate or clay. The lighter weight makes it much easier to move and install asphalt shingles, and the roofing company won’t need to spend time building additional reinforcements to support the weight. Despite the easy installation process, you should always work with a residential roofing service to ensure the job is done correctly.

3. Maintenance

Once your asphalt roof is installed, don’t expect to do much, if any, maintenance on it. Thankfully, even major storm damage caused by moisture or wind isn’t a major issue, especially if the shingles are designed to withstand gusts of wind. Some roofing systems even come with a warranty that will cover unexpected repairs.

If you’re not sure if your roof needs maintenance or repairs, ask a professional residential roofing company. It’s always best to consult with an expert instead of trying to fix the roof yourself. They can inspect your roof and determine if there is any damage. Once they’ve inspected the roof and identified problems, they can easily repair the damaged areas without replacing the entire roof.

4. Cost

Asphalt shingles are extremely popular and mass-produced. Even if you choose a more unique color, you can expect the cost to be much lower than other roofing materials. The fast installation process means that you will save on labor costs, and the lack of maintenance will save you a lot of money as the years pass. Your local roofing company can provide a quote before they install your new roof.

5. Efficiency

As you can imagine, such a large part of your home can have a big impact on energy consumption. If your roof isn’t adequate it can cause you to use more energy to cool down or warm up your house, and will eventually lead to big energy bills. With the right roof, you can avoid all of that.

When an asphalt roof is installed, another layer is placed underneath the shingles. That layer helps insulate your home and keep out the heat or cold, depending on the season. You can also influence the temperature of your home by choosing specific shingle colors. For example, if you live in a cold climate, a black roof will help absorb heat and keep your home warm.

With the help of a residential roofing contractor, you can transform your home and have a roof that will last for years to come. Do you have more questions about what a roofing company can do for you with asphalt shingles? Call All Star Contractor LLC today. Our team would love to answer your questions and improve your home!